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Exercise Machines Bad For You? No Way!

Exercise machines are good for your health:)

Resistance exercise has been given a bad rap. Many people believe that, if you're taking part in a resistance exercise program, you’ll likely get injured at some point along the way.

To add to this, resistance exercise machines have been harshly misjudged. On the internet, it is frequently reported that exercise machines are unhealthy and dangerous when compared to free weights: “If you're going to injure yourself at the gym, it's likely going to be on an exercise machine.” Or so they say…

But let’s consider what exercise is really about.

It’s fairly common for us to view exercise as a means to achieve a physical look. We want to be more muscular, lose weight, and add tone.

If we take a step back from that traditional lens, what it’s really about is improving or changing our bodies ability to manage physical stress; To increase our muscles’ ability to perform.

So, if exercise is about supporting healthy muscles and their ability to perform, then how can we possibly say any device that helps the body increase its ability to productively use skeletal muscle is bad?

This is exactly what an exercise machine is designed to do. A chest press, rotary torso, neck machine, (insert your favourite here). Each machine is expertly designed to create an isolated scenario for your body to safely practice generating tension.

And, if we want to get better at controlling our body, let’s not forget to focus on training those smaller, weaker parts too. After all, as we age, it’s these weaker parts that are going to cause the trouble if left neglected.

Do yourself a favour. Don’t dismiss any form of resistance exercise. Your body is precious and adding to your quality of movement is a great way to enhance your overall vitality.

Anything safe that helps you improve your motion is healthy. What matters most is obtaining the proper guidance to work appropriately for your body and your goals.

That’s why we are here for you.

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