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Nikki Coughlan
Personal Trainer

Personal trainer Nikki Coughlan is driven by a philosophy: To help her clients believe in themselves and in their talents whether inherited or achieved. To dare to stretch who they are and what they can do. To raise their standards, refine them, and then redefine them.
After all, if they don't believe in themselves who else will? Developing a strong mental state will aid in overcoming the physical barriers that materialize during training.

With a focus on athletic youth, Nikki provides age-specific education, training and nutrition support. Her clients are coached on how to fuel their bodies in a way that will allow them to enjoy a variety of foods. 
Because each person is unique in structure and ability, Nikki recognizes the importance of individualized development — the primary goal being to minimize risk of injury while optimizing ultimate performance.
Nikki has explored many aspects of what it means to be an athlete. Her passion for the human body has driven her education, leading her to take some highly specialized courses in areas such as human behaviour when in pursuit of peak performance. 

Nikki has also attained her NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) certification which assists her in having insights into an individual’s thinking process; How their physical and verbal language influences them and their behaviours. 

Whether on or off season, Nikki enjoys working with athletes looking to advance in their desired sport. In addition, Nikki works alongside elite sports team trainers to provide support and training programs for athletes in various levels of development.