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I am blown away. Thank-you so much for your support over the years. It’s hard to believe it has been 5 years already!

I owe it to all of the team at STRATA and my family for your continued support. 

Strata professional team, thank-you! I love you all and cannot wait for the next 5 years!!!

My family, thank-you so much. You’ve helped me with responsibilities and the facility that has absolutely made my life easier and helped Strata grow. 

I’d like to thank my wife, Katie, publicly. Thank-you for putting up with my entrepreneurial-non-stop personality. I love you very much.

Maxwell, thank-you too! Start walking soon… There are some weights that need to be put away ;)

Here is a fun video going into how I (Brandon) started STRATA and why!

Enjoy and THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of this journey with all of us.



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