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Back Pain & Surgery to Half-Marathon


During our lives, we are fortunate enough to meet some amazing people. Some of these amazing people have achieved greatness, whether in the arena of fitness, business, leadership, or any other number of venues, only to have life grind to a halt because of painful joint problems.

A few years ago, I met a seasoned marathon runner and middle-aged mother who was forced to stop running. Because of some very serious orthopaedic and nerve-related pain, she was facing the reality that she may have to get surgery on her lower lumbar spine. She was frightened, frustrated and annoyed because all she wanted to do was feel strong!

After having a thorough assessment with a muscle specialist at Strata, she began working with us to increase her motor function and sensations. Her quality-of-motion opened up significantly enough that her doctor recommended she not go through with the surgery!

Not long after, she reached a maintenance level, progressing onto resistance training. Now she sees a personal trainer at Strata to custom-tailor exercises to her specific joint problems and goals. After 2 years, she has made a remarkable turnaround. Her doctor is blown away with her results. She can leg-press, in a controlled fashion, nearly 400 pounds and is now training with minimal discomfort for a half marathon!

This is just one of the many stories of the amazing people we have the privilege of working with at Strata, where we want nothing more than for you to age well and “feel strong” too!

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