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Tis the Season for Weight Gain - Strategies for Holiday Weight Management

The winter holidays are finally here! All of my clients and colleagues could not be more relieved by the thought of being temporarily freed from the clenches of routine! FREEDOM!! Oh, and how could I forget to mention the joy of spending time with our loved ones? We all know the holiday season brings with it a plethora of tasty delicacies and yummy temptations! Cookies, gingerbread houses, candy canes, cream cheese icing, turkey, chocolate, cookies, chocolate, more chocolate … and so much more!! Mmmm!!!! It’s also quite common for us to forget our health and fitness-based goals during our holiday vacation thanks to the bountiful holiday feast! This time of year can be quite a challenge for those of us who have a weight-loss goal, often proving counter-productive to our progress!

The biggest challenge we face is how do we juggle the holiday delicacies and our weight-loss based goals at the same time? I think it’s common for most of us to put the strict diet and weight training program aside for a few days to celebrate, and as we should! After a busy year, we’ve earned the right to indulge! Here is the one thought I make sure to mention to my clients every year at this time, to help them manage their cravings, and also to allow for an easier transition back to training after the holidays: Maintenance IS progression!!!

It is going to be tough to lose any weight during the holiday season. So, just try not to gain one pound during the holidays. If you’re sitting at 150 lbs today, make it your goal to weigh 150 lbs when you get back to the gym. At a time like this, maintenance of your weight can indeed be considered progression in your weight-loss program! You will be much better off in the New Year than your Uncle Jim, who managed to go from 240 lbs to 245 lbs in 4 days. (This is a perfect example of how regression is regression!)

On that note, I am going to go make a hot chocolate before my last client! And maybe add a marshmallow or two…!

Happy Holidays from us at STRATA

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