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The Strata Difference

Our understanding of skeletal-muscle, biomechanics and customized resistance exercise gives us a scientific approach to improve your health. Our Personal Trainers & Muscle Specialists are professionals

If you're looking for pain management, muscle growth, strength, weight loss, active aging or increase performance, we can help you get there with a safe professional environment



Merriam-Websters Dictionary Definitions:


          Strata: “One of usually many layers.”


          Fitness : “The quality or state of being fit."


          Fit : “… adapted to the environment so as to be capable of surviving.”

Our Definition of Strata Fitness: "The quality or state of being adapted to an environment so as to be capable of surviving, the most effective adaptation generally involving many layers of personalized (mental and physical) exploration.”


We've coined this phrase as a motto for our business because we look at fitness differently. Physical exercise as an application of forces on the body is an incredibly powerfully tool to elicit change. we believe that a thorough understanding of mechanics must be required to create the best outcome for you and your body. This also helps to preventany short-term or long-term injuries from exercise. No one should ever get injured from exercise. Everyone should exercise be able to Exercise Pain Free. Anyone, at any condition can improve and maintain their body if approved medically for exercise. It is the strategic conditions and progressions in which exercise is applied to the bodythat will determine its success. 

We believe that fitness should be customized for each individual body and personality. This way, we can successfully allow each client’s internal processes associated with adaptation and maintenance to align with fundamental pre-established objectives. Enhancing longevity and comfortable mobility of the human system is always front of mind. 

We Are A New Way Of Fitness...

Fundamental Objectives

We Support the Complex Mechanics of the Human Body

The human body —  and its various systems — is by far one of the most complicated mechanical entities known to man. Strata is committed to understanding the intricacies of the muscle system. We believe sustaining human motion is paramount to quality of life. 

We create a Comfortable Environment

Strata provides a private and comfortable fitness environment with a friendly and welcoming team. We don’t think “fitness and health” should be intimidating. We are all in this together.


We are Life-Long Students

Strata is committed to life-long learning and a mastery approach to understanding the mechanics of the human bio-motor system. We strive to understand each detail of human mechanics processes with the best procedures available to date. Because the mystery of physiology is always evolving, Strata’s specialists are proud to say we are always “students”.


We Support Medical Disciplines 

When indicated, Strata will work in tandem with your medical and paramedical specialists to ensure “all cooks are working in the same kitchen”. We understand and acknowledge our scope of practice. As a result, our exercise and muscle specialists respect the scope of other disciplines.

Principles and Perspective on

Health, Fitness and Exercise

OWN YOUR MOTION! Don’t be limited by pain or immobility

We believe that pain, tightness, immobility and related neural/mechanical diseases should not be limiting factors in enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Strata specializes in working with those who are suffering from chronic issues, creating customized strategies to help you OWN your motion for life.


Fitness is a PROCESS

We believe that fitness is not a short-term goal. (Example: Wanting to lose ten pounds in six weeks.) We believe that fitness is a process that requires a masterful approach to all aspects of the human mechanical system. 


APPROPRIATE Dosage and Progression

We believe that the human body is an open energy system that thrives on appropriate doses and appropriately-progressed doses of physical challenge to attain desired adaptations.

We are Client Defined

Every human body carries idiosyncrasies as a by-product of time, age, injury/trauma and state of disease that what it requires and processes will be completely defined by you. Your body already knows the answers to these questions: “What are we going to do today? How do I work with this? How can I change this?” As such, we refer to our approach to exercise and muscle health as “client-defined”, or defined by YOU.

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