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Why is Personal Training different at STRATA? We follow SCIENCE, not trends!

There are plenty of these trends making noise on the market right now. It’s likely you have friends who are currently participating in the latest “hot-yoga-barbell-lunge-dip-press-one-size-fits-all” program. But what if these “panacea” systems are designed using dated information? Let’s not forget these programs thrive by selling the promise of “new” ideas that guarantee fresh results.

Unfortunately, the reality is these enticing “magic bullets” all too often lead to injuries for the hopeful consumer, who can then give up on exercise, believing it always leads to pain.

Yet, it is essential to understand that physical inactivity cues the body to begin the process of muscular deterioration. This inevitably leads to restricted movement over time, and ultimately a largely inactive or worse, sedentary lifestyle! (Have you heard the trending expression, “Sitting is the new smoking?”)

At Strata, science (physics and physiology) is our driving force. In order for you to discover your ideal way to fitness, we apply and consistently review a holistic approach in exploring your physical mechanics, joint forces, torque, muscular system mechanics, motor learning and psychology.

What does all this mean? At Strata, exercise is all about YOU! You receive customized attention from friendly, experienced trainers who actively pursue the highest quality of education. They are devoted to helping you grow muscle, lose body fat, maintain joint health, increase performance and — most importantly — age well!

Contact one of our trainers today to begin YOUR authentic Client-Defined Personal Training experience!

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