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personal training

Biomechanically & Research Based Personal Training.

We Engineer Exercise For You.


Built for you

we believe that exercise should be designed around you and your individual needs. Whether you are going through a rehabilitation program or training for the olympics, your exercise will be designed specifically for you.


We design tailored exercise based on your anatomy, your current abilities, and your tolerance for activity. Our ‘internal performance’ based exercise programs are developed by employing our expertise in biomechanics, physics, neuromuscular performance, and the complex mind-body relationship.

State of the Art Exercise Equipment
Individually Designed Exercise
100% Undivided Attention



To complement our customized programs, our facility features hand-picked exercise equipment that has been designed with an understanding of how the body is designed to move. 


We don’t believe in quick-fix solutions, but rather offer you a custom-fit, client-defined exercise program that will create long-term sustainable results for your health, your fitness and your well-being. 

Simply put, we don't force your body to fit an exercise. We build the exercise around you.

"I began my custom training with Taylor around November 2014, following an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear. In an effort to strengthen my body pre and post-surgery, Taylor has created unique workouts that challenge my body from head-to-toe. These sessions have become a vital part of my recovery. He is motivating, incredibly knowledgeable, and always professional. With Taylor’s help I have recovered quicker than expected by both myself and my surgeon. I appreciate his help more than I can say!"

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