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When perscribed properly, exercise can be the single most powerful tool to enhance and maintain you health, fitness and performance.


We are committed working with your medical and paramedical professionals to ensure a solid partnership to support your individualized health, fitness and perfomance.


Doctors, therapists and medical professionals choose Strata for their own personal health, fitness and rehab. Click here to see what Medical Professionals are saying about our tailored service

Custom-Fit Personal Training

We will work in partnership with you to strategically hone in on how to build resistance training around you. Our biomechanical education lets us tailor training for Any-Body.


Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention

Our Muscle Specialists work with clients with chronic reoccuring problems and pains to come up customized solutions independently or with your current team of medical specialist

Performance Enhancement

Our performance specialists utilize their education in biomechanics to customize a plan to work on every single piece involved with your sport. Come see with professional athletes choose Strata.



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Biomechanics Continuing Education 

Advanced Exercise Education for Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Fitness Professionals et al.


Resistance Training Specialist Programs
The Missing Link
Continuum Training - Practical Series


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Group Exercise Programs 

Strata's Perform-EX programs cover a variety of different demographics. We offer:

- Bootcamp Fitness - Womens Group

- Osteoperosis Prevent and Management

- Athlete Performance : Strength and Conditioning

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CPR Certification

We provide CPR programs for both private and group sessions. 



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