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Medical and Health Professionals

A Warm Welcome to Strata

We want to be your tried-and-true exercise and muscle health resource for the extended care of your patients and clients.

Client-Defined Programs are built on each client’s mechanical idiosyncrasies, their goals, their disease and injury history.


At Strata, we strive to provide a world-class of customized exercise to each of our client’s individual needs.


When we consider the dynamic nature of the human body, and then factor in each person’s unique and individualized physical needs, it is blatantly evident that traditional work-out programs do not work — and are often the cause of new or continued injuries. It is impossible to have a generic template for each client. Resistance training needs to be client-defined and guided by the expertise of a qualified professional.


At Strata, each client is thoroughly assessed to identify if their goals and needs fit within our scope of practice. Each client is thoroughly assessed by one of our muscle specialists to identify the most logical starting point.

 Our Mission to our Clients

- Strata Internal Performance is dedicated to interfacing with and supporting medical and health caregivers by providing the ultimate in personalized fitness services for patients or clients under your expert care. 


- Strata Internal Performance offers muscle system assessment, customized exercise designed to aid your patients with mobility improvement, and ongoing maintenance guidance,  all at our conveniently located state-of-the-art facility.


- Strata Internal Performance values and nurtures referral relationships alongside a wide variety of medical and health practitioners including physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, alternative therapists such as naturopaths and homeopaths, as well as the most discerning of personal trainers.


If your patients or clients need safe, effective and innovative solutions for recovery from surgeries or physical conditions that have impacted mobility, healthy exercise or weight management support, or a simple and comfortable introduction to exercise on a customized level that makes sense for them, then Strata is eager to work in tandem with you to deliver the best possible outcomes for one and all. 


Strata is not simply for everybody. We are for EVERY BODY.

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Doctor work-relationship for Long-Term Physical Health of Patients

"It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know and work with Brandon, and I cannot recommend    them highly enough. He has absolutely set the standard in the fitness industry. He has set himself apart from others in the field by building a solid foundation based on science, scientific research, biomechanical principles, and the continual study of the human body. Without question, one of the most dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable trainers I’ve come across."


Dr. Ryan Stevens


Synergy Performance and Rehabilitation



Doctor refers to Strata for Patients and Continuing Education

"I have known Brandon Green as a colleague, practitioner and mentor for many years now.  I have attended seminars with Brandon as my working partner and with Brandon as the instructor and I am always amazed by his detailed understanding of human biomechanics and function.   His knowledge is second only to his drive to serve his clients and ensure each person reaches his or her goals.


To say that Brandon is passionate about his pursuits would be selling him short, he is extremely knowledgeable and has a thirst to learn and become the best practitioner and teacher that he can be.


Whether it is exercise, personal training, muscle activation techniques ® or simply for advice I would not hesitate to contact Brandon or to refer patients to him. I have recently sent many people to Brandon that have been very impressed with the depth and range of his knowledge and his ability to help them reach their objectives.You will definitely be doing your practice a service by including Brandon’s expertise in your organization."



Laura A. Cooke

B.A., B.Ed., D.C., MATCS

Doctor seeing us as a Client

"I have been seeing Brandon Green at Strata Internal Performance for Muscle Health & Personal Training. As a fellow healthcare professional I have been thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Strata Internal Performance for anyone with low back pain, muscular soreness, tightness and imbalance. Thanks Brandon!"

Dr. Rob Murray


Murray Family Chiropractic











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