Biomechanics Education

Our programs have been designed as a by-product of "Missing Links" in the fitness industry as career Personal Trainers

Our mission for you:

1) be financially stable professional career trainer with business and communication etiquette

2) understand rudimentary biomechanics for exercise and program design

3) understand skeletal-muscle mechanics, physiology, neuro-muscular processes and

basic functional to anatomical adaptations

4) customized diagnostics for tactical skills to help any demographic

5) creativity for exercise design 

6) a scientific approach for bias removal and critical thinking

As Personal Trainers,

we have an incredible opportunity to create long-term life-extension and life-altering adaptations

to our clients. As an unregulated field, it is your responsibility to be professional, knowledgable and unbiased


For Personal Trainers & Exercise Professionals

Rethinking Warm-ups and Neuro-Muscular Functional Conditioning

- A deep dive into the neuro-muscular phenomenon, Post-Activation Potentiation. Through rigorous in-class n1 studies, we explore the real-time force enhancement benefits of PAP Preparation Exercises(PAPp)


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Duration: 1 Day

Cost: 299.99 + HST  

Education Level: Advanced


Personal Training Career

 Business, Biomechanics and Creativity

With the 5 Pillars of Personal Training, you'll have the tools to become a professional personal trainer who can design exercise for any-body. Super-charge your career with this Business and Biomechanics starter pack. 


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Duration: 2 Days (Sat-Sun)

Cost: 499.99 + HST  

Education Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Exercise & Pain: A New Perspective

Exercise Professional Education


The Muscle System Specialist Certificate Course

 Exercise Professional Education

Muscle System Specialist_Certified_New_F


1-2 Hour Workshops For STRATA Members and Trainers. 

Please Note Education Level But PLEASE Try Something Outside Your Comfort Zone!


Rethinking Mobility

Don't Stretch...Potentiate!

Level: Introduction


Resistance Curves

& Strength Curves


"Rethinking" Barbells & Machines For Your Goals 

Level: Advanced


Rethinking Pain Management & Active Aging With Exercise 

Level: Introduction



Squats & Deadlifts

Mechanical Analysis and


Level: Advanced