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17705 Leslie St. Unit 16+17

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Newmarket, Ontario




We Engineer Exercise for Your Unique Body​. 

Move Better, Feel Better, Live Longer.

Customized Exercise Approach For Those Struggling With Pain and Movement Issues

Exercise Engineered For You. Newmarket's VIP Personal Training Experience.

Private Gym Membership For Personal Training Clients. Full Access. Limited Numbers

Rethinking Pain Management.

 We want to help you get back to doing what you love. Strategically applied force can improve skeletal-muscle to create long-term changes to support your activity.

Active Aging. 

Resistance Exercise is one of the best ways to improve your body and skeletal-muscle as you age. If you're inexperienced or battling a chronic condition, we want to help.

Personal Training

Surgery & Treatment Support.

We create customized strategies to help you stay strong pre, during and post intervention. High quality strength and skeletal-muscle can be associated with increased recovery times.

Fitness Now Pays Long-Term.

Investing in your body at a young age is important. The strength you develop now will carry forward. High quality fitness and skeletal-muscle pays big dividends. 

Professional Athletes. 

Performance and Injury Management.

Comprehensive analysis of skeletal-muscle performance and biomechanics for high performance. Strategies to improve conditioning and prevent injuries

We are not your typical Personal Trainers and Gym.


Strata is an exercise industry leader, widely respected as Canada's premier Muscle System Specialist and Exercise Professional Education facility and resource for not only medical and fitness professionals, but individuals from all walks of life.


We specialize in helping our diverse scope of clients to improve their overall health, recovery from chronic injuries, and increase physical performance.




We have a deep understanding of skeletal-muscle, biomechanics and individualized resistance exercise. Detailed personalized assessments and qualitative motor control diagnostics help create your individualized Mobility Profile. We use these valuable skills to customize a path of improvement that is perfect for you.

Exercise PAIN FREE... A New Way Of Fitness.

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"If you are looking to get fit, stay healthy and ward off injury, then you need to check out Strata! Brandon Green and his team of trainers have changed the way I look at fitness. They cater each session to what each individual client needs. They work through injuries, not around them, so you heal through movement. Brandon will carefully and conscientiously guide you, while gently pushing you to achieve your goals. The facilities are top of the line, but it is in an unpretentious studio environment by design. Everyone will feel welcome, no matter your age, level of fitness, or your goals. Whether you want to get healthy, get stronger, get bigger, get leaner, or recover from injury, Strata will get you there."