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I began my custom training with Taylor around November 2014, following an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear. In an effort to strengthen my body pre and post-surgery, Taylor has created unique workouts that challenge my body from head-to-toe. These sessions have become a vital part of my recovery. He is motivating, incredibly knowledgeable, and always professional. With Taylor’s help I have recovered quicker than expected by both myself and my surgeon. I appreciate his help more than I can say!




Taylor Pleschberger
Muscle System Specialist, Exercise Specialist

CMSS, RTSc, PTS, Active Aging Specialist

Operations Manager


Taylor is a passionate exercise professional with a dedication for learning. 


Growing up playing sports like hockey and soccer developed his love for being active. His interest in the human body led him down the path of formal study into the body and exercise. After completing the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Durham College, Taylor felt the drive to learn more. He furthered his knowledge in exercise mechanics and anatomy to better help his clients. 


At this time, Taylor began to observe changes taking place in people around him. Older family members and friends were not doing as much or moving as well as they used to due to pain or loss of strength. He saw the toll this took on their quality of life and thought there must be something that could help. This is the time that Taylor’s career path changed from doing exercise just for performance, to exercise for a better life. For over 5 years now Taylor has been dedicated to helping his clients with their exercise and muscle health related goals.  


As a exercise and muscle system specialist, Taylor enjoys helping people get back to the things they want to do. He knows that the better your muscles work, the better you will live and feel.  

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