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Lucy Dubrovsky
Personal Trainer


With a career spanning three countries and two decades, Lucy Dubrovsky has definitely seen fitness trends come and go.

Her relationship with discomfort began at a young age, suffering from knee and back pain that prevented her from playing most sports. While she enjoyed swimming, knee pain got in the way of that too. At just 14 years of age, she began teaching so she could remain involved with the team. 

She had no idea this new teaching door that opened would lead to a rewarding career. When she stepped into a gym for the first time, she felt at home. Not only did she find exercise empowering, but strategic lifting helped with joint issues she was having.

Lucy was inspired to start a career in personal training and sports massage. It became clear that her passion was to work with people like herself. Those who had pain, were injured, or had not had positive experiences with exercise before. She wanted them to rediscover the endless benefits exercise could offer.

In 2008, she moved from the UK to Bermuda and worked in a small gym. There, she had little access to ongoing education. So when she came to Toronto in 2010, she was eager to take some fresh courses.

Lucy got a job at a gym that encouraged continuing education. Now she was working along side exercise professionals who challenged her to question what she ‘knew’. It was exciting. 

A breakthrough in the management of her own pain issues convinced her there was something more to this business of exercise. She enrolled in the Resistance Training Specialist Mastery course. As her ability to help clients levelled up, her schedule filled.

Lucy was preparing to resume a full-time schedule after time off to be a new mom when COVID arrived. She transitioned many of her clients to online training, enabling her to move out of the city and join the team at Strata Internal Performance.

While Lucy is a true professional dedicated to helping her clients feel better, she also readily shares her charming accent and British sense of humour to brighten each day.


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