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The human body is a complex and dynamical system. The number of biological and physiological processes that are required for aggregate human movement is incredible. Our Education programs are designed to help support the biomechanical, physiological and thought process of the modern Health, Exercise and Muscle Specialist continue their education.  At Strata, we take the of an Exercise Scientist.


  • Learn how an “exercises” is not pre-choreographed and pre-named movements. They are a summation of joints, muscles, physical history and goals.

  • What are the physiological components of a muscle? Why is this important?

  • What is Bio-Mechanics and why this is important

  • The latest research and data on how the human responses to “exercise”

  • The Art and History of Exercise

Strata Education and Workshops



Resistance Training Specialist Program

 The 6 day detailed hands-on personal training program that focuses on Client-Defined™ exercise. Following the Continuum Training™ model you identify WHO your client is, what their GOALS are, what mechanical details you can asses from their goals and how to build an exercise with an appropriate Resistance Profile to match their Strength Profile.

Check out the Resistance Training Specialists website. Click Here


Anatomy and Muscle Function

Biomechanical break down of contractile tissue, how it works with joints and learn how there is no such thing as muscular isolation with exercise.


Lab Time

Practical application to apply exercise on each other and explore real-time changes to biomechanics.


Research Groups

Have an idea or process you would to explore, prove or disprove? Let us know! At Strata, we take an Exercise Scientist approach to exploring the very latest. A Rational thought processes are great, but we want empirical reproducible data for everything that we do.

Check out the Resistance Training Specialists website. Click Here
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