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Darien Matt
Personal Trainer, PTS


My name is Darien and I'm now officially one of the trainers here at Strata. I've been in the fitness space since 2012 (Grade 11) where I took my very first high school fitness class and was introduced to resistance training. Aside from that, I was doing 50 push-ups and sit-ups daily. Then, in Grade 12, I took into a Food & Nutrition course to learn about calories (macronutrients) and got myself a membership to a local gym where I went almost daily, following a workout routine I found online.


After completing my Honours Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management at Seneca College, I ended up with a traditional desk job and, although I excelled at what I did, I didn't enjoy it. It didn't bring me joy. What did, however, was the number of people who would ask me questions about fitness or how I got to where I was at such a young age, etc. It became quite clear to me there is A LOT of misinformation out there about fitness and nutrition and I was determined to clear this up with as many people as I possibly could.


One day, I noticed a local gym was hiring Personal Trainers so I dove straight into my PT Certification. Ever since then, I've enjoyed the privilege of training, coaching, and helping others achieve their own fitness goals. To this day, I continue to educate myself so that my clients can get the results they deserve in the most efficient way possible.


 I look forward to working with you and getting to know you. As fun and exciting as exercise and training is in itself, I also recognize the importance of the experience. It's my job to ensure you not only have an awesome session, but that you also leave knowing that you are making some amazing progress towards your health and fitness goals. 


So if training has been something you've been thinking about lately (especially through these crazy COVID times), please feel free to reach out for a complimentary consultation!

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