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Testimonial from the late Peter Chiasson, BSc, RTSm, MATm

Honorary Lifetime Educator

     "Brandon would have to be one of the brightest and most driven students a teacher and employer could ever hope for. He is diligent with clients, working staff and his desire to provide top notch service and work with clients is impressive to say the least. Brandon would be an asset to any team and will be an incredibly talented educator given the opportunity."

Brandon J. Green, CMSS, RTSm, PTS
​CEO, Founder
Strata Internal Performance & Fitness Pro Mentors

Muscle System Specialist, Exercise Specialist, Educator

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With more than a decade of experience in the exercise industry, Brandon is an internationally recognized muscle specialist, exercise specialist and educator.


As founder and CEO of Strata Internal Performance Centre, Brandon's vision for the company began to take shape years ago while working as head trainer and educator at a local health and fitness club. It was during this time he recognized a significant gap within the physical health-care continuum between medical/acute injury rehabilitation and exercise and long-term fitness strategies. 


Medical and paramedical specialists would recommend a healthy lifestyle and exercise plan but did not have the time or resources to effectively assess and implement a safe, systemic health and fitness plan for their patients. This gap has formed the foundation of the Strata objective: To bridge this gap and affect real change for patients while working in tandem with their health care practitioners, trainers and/or advisors.


Brandon’s education began with the Resistance Training Specialist (R) Mastery program which teaches principles about exercise mechanics; A thought process in movement-based progression and most importantly, effective communication between specialist and client. During this study process, it became evident that no two bodies were the same, and that people of the similar age, gender and wellness level would each require a completely unique and customized plan dependent upon their individual goals and abilities. 


This insight led Brandon to extensively investigate the Muscle System Consortia's programs. This level of study ultimately provided him with the tools and expertise to share detailed assessment and mobility profiling, advanced neurophysiology, and rational-empiricism skills with his team and clients at Strata.


As a widely respected educator and consultant, he has had the opportunity to teach biomechanics, exercise science and muscle health to some of the worlds top physicians, rheumatologists, psychotherapists, chiropractors, athletic therapists, professional athletes, massage therapists and fitness professionals. His reputation as a highly professional communicator, trainer and expert has resulted in him consulting for some highly recognized fitness stars.


In founding Strata and establishing its team of highly accredited practitioners, Brandon has ignited a real buzz in the industry, fuelling the trajectory of health and fitness care to a refreshing new level.

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