December 20, 2017

As a fitness professional, I learned long ago that talking about muscle is a slippery slope. The mere mention of the word conjures images of extreme body builders such as vintage Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

I often hear people say things such as “I don’t like resistance training because I don’t want to become too muscular”. But I can honestly tell you people do not accidentally become super muscular. Deliberately and successfully building the kind of muscle you see...

December 20, 2017

I attended one of Brandon’s demonstrations in January 2017, recommended to me by a friend who had been working with him and had very impressive results for sciatica pain. I too was very impressed at the demonstration with the personalized and holistic approach of Brandon’s work.

After suffering for several years with severe lower back pain, knee osteoarthritis, and struggles with weight, I had tried many other methods to find relief, with no success. Massage,...

July 11, 2017

Exercise machines are good for your health:)

Resistance exercise has been given a bad rap. Many people believe that, if you're taking part in a resistance exercise program, you’ll likely get injured at some point along the way. 

To add to this, resistance exercise machines have been harshly misjudged. On the internet, it is frequently reported that exercise machines are unhealthy and dangerous when compared to free weights: “If you're going to injure yourself at...

January 5, 2017

The fitness industry is becoming more and more popular as years go by. Anyone who is in shape and has a social media presence can leverage their platform to market themselves as a “personal trainer”, often coining terms like “science-based" to support their claims. They might say, for example, "based on all of the signs, this is the best exercise because... " 

Our experts at Strata approach their profession from the perspective of exercise specialists and, as s...

December 1, 2016

The winter holidays are finally here! All of my clients and colleagues could not be more relieved by the thought of being temporarily freed from the clenches of routine! FREEDOM!! Oh, and how could I forget to mention the joy of spending time with our loved ones? We all know the holiday season brings with it a plethora of tasty delicacies and yummy temptations! Cookies, gingerbread houses, candy canes, cream cheese icing, turkey, chocolate, cookies, chocolate,...

December 1, 2016

joint pain and osteoarthritis doesn't mean you have to stop doing what you love. Learn how our Muscle Specialists can help you

November 29, 2016

During our lives, we are fortunate enough to meet some amazing people. Some of these amazing people have achieved greatness, whether in the arena of fitness, business, leadership, or any other number of venues, only to have life grind to a halt because of painful joint problems. 

A few years ago, I met a seasoned marathon runner and middle-aged mother who was forced to stop running. Because of some very serious orthopaedic and nerve-related pain, she was facing...

November 29, 2016

"Shoulder Width Stance" is inaccurate. Check this and see how we can start to determine YOUR specific squat stance